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MTM Physiotherapy Warwick is your local expert Sports Physiotherapists. They are proud Sponsors and Physiotherapy providers to many local and national sporting organisations. These include Stirling Senators Basketball, Whitfords Football club, Northern Stars Volleyball, The WA Football Commission, Doubleview Carine Cricket Club, The Illawarra Hawks National Basketball League Team and the WA Institute of Sport. These affiliations mean that our Sports Physiotherapists have had many varied experiences working in elite sporting environments (from state league, national competition level through to the Olympic level!). As a patient needing help, this can only benefit you!


Whilst located in a unique sporting setting, our expertise is certainly not limited to treating only sports physiotherapy injuries. We routinely treat chronic neck and back pain, headaches, foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, shoulder injuries, hip pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, patella tendinopathy, Achilles tendinopathy and general aches and pains!!


Our Sports Physiotherapist’s have all completed extensive postgraduate studies and continue to seek opportunities to further their skills via ongoing professional development both internally and externally. We will employ a multitude of treatment modalities to achieve the best possible outcome. These can include manual therapy, dry needling, exercise prescription, massage and strength programs.


Playing a sport will inevitably lead to injury at some stage, whether that be an acute injury or due to overuse. Our Sports Physiotherapists are trained for four to five years specifically to treat your complaints. As we are set in the sporting precinct of Warwick Stadium we are exposed daily to acute sporting injuries. The Sports Physio team at MTM Physiotherapy Warwick provides acute injury management at State and National Level Basketball tournaments, including the 2017 Helloworld under 16 National Championships.


The Sports Physiotherapists at MTM Physiotherapy Warwick are well-placed to manage all of your sports injury needs, from the acute, immediate stage through to the end-stage rehabilitation and finally a return to sport. The treatment we offer for sporting injuries differs for each person and each different phase of the healing process. Initially, our goals are directed at improving pain and function by reducing inflammation. The second phase is improving range of motion, strength and control. The third phase is aimed at sport-specific rehabilitation and, finally, prevention of future injury.


With access to Indoor Basketball courts and a fully-equipped gymnasium, our Sports Physiotherapists can assess you in the treatment rooms, on a court or in the gym, depending on what is best for you. You will be game-ready in no time!