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Ankle Taping

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1. Start with an anchor around the base of the calf muscle- it is important that this is not too tight that it affects the mobility of the Achilles tendon and also blood flow to the foot!

2. Place two stirrups in a U Shape, going from the inside of the leg to the outside. Both starting and finishing on the anchor

3. Apply two figure 6s around the foot starting from the inside to the outside returning to the inside after crossing the front of the foot (the purpose of these are to prevent the ankle rolling out)

4. Apply one figure 6 around the foot starting from the outside to the inside and returning to the outside after crossing the front of foot

Step 5 is important for extra stability, however is non-essential if taping purely for prevention

5. Begin on the inside of the leg and move down and across to the outside of the ankle, pass the tape under the heel and cross the inside of the ankle at a 45 degree angle. The tape should then finish where you started this step. This is called a heel lock

If you want any more information about the taping of the ankle, you should check out our blog on taping and bracing and what the evidence says